Kjetil Molteberg

Kjetil Molteberg

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First Name * Kjetil
Last Name * Molteberg
Username * Molte
Country * Norway
City Stavanger
Nationality Norwegian
Languages EnglishNorwegian


Current Position Artist;Compositor;Lighter;Matte Painter;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre ProductionSculptureTelevisonVFXVisualisation
Preferred Tools 3ds maxCompositingMAYAMental RayModelingAfter EffectsTexturingPost ProductionVFXLightingCharactersCodingDigital FusionFilmMatte PaintingPremiereProject ManagementRenderingShort FilmsSimulationStoryboardingVray


Website www.Kemono.no/



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